Ever been or had somebody on the back of your bike? What is more romantic and typically Dutch than cycling around in Amsterdam on a hot summer evening with someone you love. 


  • put your new crush, grannie, colleague or pet in front or at the back of your bike,
  • put on your most fabulous outfit,
  • spice up your vehicle
  • and join the Tour d’Amour on Thursday June 20th in the Vondelpark!

Out of love for all loves, Aidsfonds organizes the Tour d’Amour. You are more than welcome to join this event, which is not about the speed or the amount of laps, but about the experience and having fun with the ones you love. But above all the Tour d’Amour is a fun event to raise money to save the lives of thousands of children in Uganda.

Cycle for children with HIV

Besides signing up for the Tour d’Amour, you have the possibility to look for sponsors (you friends, family or colleagues) and raise money for our project in Uganda. For €166,- we can save the life of a child with HIV and make sure that a pregnant woman gets the medication and healthcare she needs so her unborn child will be born without HIV. 

So the next step is:

  • Signing up! > Oops the registration form is in Dutch! But, it’s not that hard with google translate and a master/visa card . You can always ask someone you know to help you as well. Or send an email tourdamour@aisfonds.nl


Together we cycle to a world without aids.



Practical info:

What: The Tour d’Amour

Where: Vondelpark Openluchttheater, Vondelpark Amsterdam 

How: Bring your own bike! Or rent one at one of the Amsterdam bikeshops 

With who: The love of your live, your Tinder-date, college, kid, buddy or pet

Why: So we can traina local health workers in Uganda. These health workers visit remote villages to test children and pregnant women on HIV, and make sure they will receive the live saving treatment they need.

What are the costs: 15 euro per bike. So 7,5 euro per person

How can I do something extra: After your registration you will have your own page on this website to raise money form sponsors. Ask as many people you know to sponsor you and raise funds so we can help children and pregnant woman who live with HIV. 

What do I get in return: Off course: a fun experience with your bike-buddy. During the tour around the park there are several fun stops, pimp your bike, bikewash, drink a juice to get some energy. At the finish you will receive a goodiebag (thanks to our sponsors) and cool down on some nice music.